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If you need your swimming pool repaired call Triton Outdoor Services today!  We have been serving the Lake Mary/Orlando area for over 20 Years.  We can handle small pool repairs such as swimming pool pump problems to replacing your pool filter.  We would be happy and honored to help you with your pool repair needs.  Call us to discuss your swimming pool repair needs today.

Orlando Pool Repair & Maintenance

Keep your pool in perfect working order without lifting a finger. Triton Outdoor Pool Services of Orlando and Lake Mary, Florida, provides all pool repairs, including pump repair, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy a swim. We will take care of all your Orlando pool service requirements!

Orlando Pool Pump Repair

One of the most essential items in a pools circulatory system is the pool pump.  Without the pool pump, the water inpool-cleaning-330399_640 your pool will become stagnant and begin to develop algae and will not be useable.  Should you find yourself in the situation of losing your pool pump in Lake Mary, Orlando or the surrounding area, give our office a call and we will diagnose the problem and send someone out to service it immediately.

Orlando Pool Filter Repair

The second most important of the circulation system in your home pool is the filter that is used to strain out debris  and algae.  In order to maintain proper pH balance in your pool you must have a clean and up to date filter in your pool pump at all times.  Triton Outdoor Pool Services of Lake Mary and Orlando, FL offer filter maintenance and replacement, should you find yourself in need of immediate assistance.  Give our office a call today and we will schedule someone to come out and take a look at the problems plaguing your pool.

Expert Pool Repairs
Our experienced repair technicians are fully qualified to repair all types of pool equipment; including filters, pumps, and sweeps at very competitive prices. We also do filter cleaning for your convenience. Our goal is to provide you with a professional pool service for less than it would cost you to properly maintain your pool yourself.

Besides offering you professional pool services, we also offer you Equipment Sales, Installation and Repairs.

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